About me

Andrei Pisarevskii

Andrei Pisarevskii – Backend Team Lead in EPAM living in Turkey.

Some people call me Master Yoda.

I will design and optimize your website to battle the “dark side of power” (c)

I have commercial experience in programming since 2010 and expertise in the full cycle of web development: frontend, backend, QA, as well as server administration.
I use in my work: PHP, WordPress, Slim Framework, Linux, Docker, and Agile.

Good at:

  • Developing architecture solutions.
  • Designing & developing microservices.
  • Developing a growth plan for the project.
  • Designing RestAPI.
  • Configuring CI/CD.
  • Integrating testing processes.
  • Communicating with distributed teams and customers.
  • Distribution of tasks between team members.
  • Conducting discovery.
  • The investigation, and assessment tasks.​
  • Handling tech debt problems.​
  • Mentoring teammates.​
  • Conducting technical interviews.​
  • Onboarding new teammates.
  • Conducting a Code review.
  • Writing technical documentation.
  • Conducting presentations.